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The University Colleges of Vic

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THE UNIVERSITY COLLEGES O F VIC FOUNDED DURING THE DEMOCRATIC TRANSITION, THE UNIVERSITY COLLEGES OF VIC WANT TO RETRIEVE FOR CATALONIA VIC'S FORMER STATUS AS A UNIVERSITY TOWN WITH A UNIQUELY DIFFERENTIATED OFFER. THIS IS THEIR PARTICULAR RESPONSE TO THE ISSUES OF TODAY'S UNIVERSITY IN CATALONIA AND EUROPE. R l C A R D T O R R E N T S G E N E R A L D I R E C T O R . E S T U D I S U N I V E R S I T A R I S D E V I C O he University Colleges of Vic (Es- tudis Universitaris de Vic, EUVI, which were founded d u r i n ~ the - democratic transition and aspire to be- coming a university that will retrieve for Catalonia Vic's former status as a uni- versity town, present a uniquely diffe- rentiated offer within the country's fur- ther education system and an original response to the issues of the contempo- rary university in Catalonia and Europe. The Catalan universities in fact share the same problems as their European neighbours, problems that are usually described in terms of crisis: a crisis of identity, a crisis of confidence and a crisis of means. Three parallel crises which are also usually explained away to the democratization of further educa- tion and the subsequent overcrowding of universities. Besieged by crowds of students, the universities cannot help falling into this triple crisis. The overwhelming increase in numbers leads to a shortage of re-. sources. The traditional system of uni- versity funding based on taxation can- not indefinitely satisfy the need for new facilities and new and competent tea- chers. The quality of the teaching de- clines. The students, their future emp- loyers and society in general lose faith in the efficiency of the University. The uni- versity, for its part, reduced to the role of an enormous office issuing useful but discredited qualifications, loses its for- mer legitimation as an institution devo- ted to the transmission of knowledge and the promotion of research. In the midst of this

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