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Chapter 5 One-Dimensional Optimization of the Micellar/Polymer EOR Process

Elsevier Science & Technology
DOI: 10.1016/s0376-7361(08)70373-x
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics


Publisher Summary This chapter presents a fundamental mathematical model which is capable of describing the important physical-chemical mechanisms that affect the recovery of oil by the micellar/polymer process. This model is used to simulate core experiments run by Amoco for their Sloss pilot test. The discrete maximum principle is used to determine optimal injection strategies for the Sloss core floods to maximize process profitability. A one-dimensional, three-phase model is developed to describe the recovery of oil as a function of the major process variables that affect the micellar/polymer process. The performance of a micellar/polymer flood is affected by physio-chemical properties of the rock and fluid phases. The important properties that affect the oil recovery are—surfactant–oil phase behavior, interfacial tension, viscosity, capillary desaturation phenomena, relative permeability, and adsorption. The complex phase behavior of surfactant systems is described by triangular phase diagrams for the three pseudo-components—surfactant plus cosurfactant, aqueous, and oil.

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