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Localized 2D correlation spectroscopy in human brain at 3 T

Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics Biology and Medicine
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  • 2D Nmr Spectroscopy
  • Human
  • Brain
  • Correlation Spectroscopy
  • Localized Mrs
  • Cosy


Abstract The purpose of this study was to acquire a localized 2D (two-dimensional) 1H correlation spectrum, in a volume of interest reasonably small, and within an experiment time compatible with clinical applications. A modified PRESS technique has been used. The last 180° pulse of the PRESS sequence has been converted into a 90° pulse for both refocusing and coherence transfer. 2D correlation spectroscopy was performed on healthy volunteers in a clinical magnet, at 3 T, within 34 min, for a voxel size of 27 cm 3. This result makes it possible to consider clinical applications.

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