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keyword: JUVENILE, DELINQUENCY, IN GO ASK ALICEABSTRACT :In literature, it can be found many kinds of novel. Novel is kind of literature thatcan be read just in hour and will be remembered for a long time, it gives peoplepleasure and excitement, because usually a novel tells about a simple thing.Thru reader can get some advice. A book report completely factual, the writerwould explain about the author, place, and year of publication, the summaryand some evaluation of this book. The writer wants to make a book report togive some information about this book to the readers, so that the readers know the outline of this book. Go Ask Alice is one of the true story novels, which istaken from alleged diary of teenage girl who died of a drug overdose. Thisnovel tells about druggie-girl life. The content is about teenage struggle to walkout from her drug habit. Go Ask Alice showed the physical and emotion effectsof drug and also explains how the consequences of her drug abuse which ledher to many painful experiences. Go Ask Alice was edited by Beatrice Sparks,she is psychologist and mormon youth counselor who is known for producingbooks puporting to be the real diaries of troubled teenage. Sparks said she wantto keep the others teen from falling into the same traps. Go Ask Alice waspublished under the byline Anonymous.

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