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Lili Boulanger (1893--1918): Her life and works.

  • Biography.
  • Music.
  • Women'S Studies.
  • Musicology


A young life, so full of hope and talent ended before its true potential was realized. Even so, Lili Boulanger's oeuvre stands alone as a prime example of artistic quality and purity. Her expression is clear and personal, giving us insight into the world in which she lived. A discussion of her life reveals a lonely girl who turned to music as her permanent voice in history. A discussion of her works reveals a highly intelligent and determined woman who composed brilliant music in spite of debilitating illness and prejudice. A discussion of the woman reveals Lili Boulanger to be an extraordinary person who cared for her family, friends, and fellowman. The first woman to win the Grand Prix de Rome competition in music, Boulanger is a role model for women composers who followed her.

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