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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to the United States-Israel BiNational Foundation

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SCHOOLOFMEDICINE STANFORD UNIVERSITY.STANFORD.GALIFORNIAQ~~O~ JOSHUALEDERBERG JOSEPH D. GRANTPROFESSOR OFGENETICS Board of Governors U.S.-Israel BiNational Foundation Proposal 472 Gentlemen: Dr. Yehudit Elkana was a visiting research fellow in my laboratory during 1973-1974, during which time she made a number of significant observa- tions in the course of our research project. I am sure she will have pre- sented them clearly and in more extensive detail. From our standpoint, it was unfortunate that her work.was interrupted at a point of prime interest by the exigencies of herrreturn to Israel. I am therefore eager to support an opportunity for the continuation of her part in this research on a collaborative basis. If she can achieve support locally, we will contain to plan the major strategies of our work jointly, by correspon- dence; they will dovetail with the work being continued here, and it would be wasteful for us not to proceed with such careful planning. The major objectives of the work, including the acquisition of genetic information from one bacterial species, Escherichia coli, and its intrdduction and expression in another, Bacil lus subtilis, are already well understood bbtween us. The continued co- operation will also involve a substantial exchange of bacterial cultures; of DNA samples, and of enzyme preparations, between the two laboratories, as well of course as of information. The costs of chemical reagents and equipment having monetary value, and for salaries, will have to be borne locally. It would be advantageous to include travel funds to the extent of one trip per year for each of us to the other's laboratory if this were possible, but this perhaps has a lower priority than the running expenses aforementioned. I hope that Dr. Elkana may be able to visit my laboratory again for periods of one to a few months from year to year; in that event I can support her salary while here from local funds, but not her travel.

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