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Cheaper raw materials for Europe's industries: sugar and starch. Green Europe, Newsletter on the Common Agricultural Policy No. 218

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IL ~ / / / European Community NEWSLETTER ON THE COMMON AGRICULTURAL POLICY / / / / /. / CHEAPER RAW MATERIALS FOR EUROPE'S INDUSTRIES: SUGAR AND STARCH COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Directorate-General Information, Communication, Culture Agricultural Information Service Rue de Ia Loi, 200- 1049 Brussels ISS N 0250-5886 2/87 218 CHEAPER RAW MATERIALS FOR EUROPE'S INDUSTRIES: SUGAR AND STARCH Author: M. W. FLOYD 218 CHEAPER RAW MATERIALS FOR EUROPE'S INDUSTRIES SUGAR AND STARCH On 25 March 1986 the Council adopted new legislation which has the effect of giving certain European industries access to these raw materials at prices near to the world market prices. The effect of the new legislation is to provide farmers with an expanded market and to enable new industrial developments to go ahead with indigenous supplies of raw materials at competitive prices. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1987 ISSN 0250-5886 Catalogue number: CB-AV-87-218-EN-C © ECSC- EEC- EAEC, Brussels • Luxembourg, 1987 Printed in Belgium I. BACKGROUND (a) In brief (b) The case for starch (c) The case for sugar II. HOW THE NEW SYSTEM WORKS (a) Application (b) Detailed rules for starch (c) Detailed rules for sugar III. FUTURE OUTLOOK CONTENTS 1 2 2 5 5 10 13 I. BACKGROUND (a) In brief The prices at which Community farmers can sell their products are managed in various ways which protect the farmers against catastrophic loss of revenue when world market prices, of sugar for example, crash (as in 1982). The consequence of making these arrangements can be that the users of the farmers' produce feel that they are paying "too much" for it, from their point of view. Rather than have them pass this on to the consumer, the Community looks for ways to compensate them. There are two ways for the Community to do something to help these u

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