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OPINI PUBLIK TENTANG PELAYANAN SIM DI POLRESTA MALANG(Survei Pada Masyarakat Pengguna Jasa Pelayanan SIM di Polresta Malang)

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  • H Social Sciences (General)
  • Linguistics


Police performance in giving their services has been considered reducing. This might be seen from decades in Driving License, Vehicle Certificates, and Certificate of Ownership services used as domain to corrupt the money from the citizen. This area has been suspected as the primary area to gather wealth from the police officers, which in effect cause the citizen deprived. Based on this, Police Department intended to improve their services to the citizen. Hence, the opinion and police image becomes positive. The statement of the problem in this research is to find out the public opinion toward Driving License services in Local Police Station Malang. This is descriptive research and used survey as the method. The customers are used as the object of the study. Meanwhile, samples are taken in accident using accidental sampling. The researcher uses brochures and pamphlets or any other documents related to the study. Henceforth, the data analyzed using semantic differential scale. From the results found out the variable dimensions on public opinion toward Driving License services in Local Police Station. These are 3.97 for speed, 3.96 for precision, third dimension 3.94, and fairness dimension for about 3.71. hence, based on the interval predetermined, the average value of these four dimensions is 3.89. In summary, the image of Driving License services in Local Police station is positive. The researcher suggests the police department maintain and improve their services in Driving License division, especially in fairness dimension.

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