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Evidence for a transition in the pairing symmetry of the electron-doped cuprates <em>La<sub>2-x</sub>Ce<sub>x</sub>CuO<sub>4-y</sub> </em>and <em>Pr<sub>2-x</sub>Ce<sub>x</sub>CuO<sub>4-y</sub></em>

American Physical Society
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We present measurements of the magnetic penetration depth, lambda(-2)(T) , in Pr2-xCe xCuO4-y and La2-xCe xCuO4-y films at three Ce doping levels, x , near optimal. Optimal and overdoped films are qualitatively and quantitatively different from underdoped films. For example, lambda(-2)(0) decreases rapidly with underdoping but is roughly constant above optimal doping. Also, lambda(-2)(T) at low T is exponential at optimal and overdoping but is quadratic at underdoping. In light of other studies that suggest both d - and s -wave pairing symmetry in nominal optimally doped samples, our results are evidence for a transition from d - to s -wave pairing near optimal doping.

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