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The performance of various sizes of minitubers of both D. alata (UM680) and D. rotundata (Obioturugo and Abi) were evaluated for size and yield of seed yams between 1998 and 2000. Minitubers are whole but small (30-100g) tubers that farmers could simply plant directly into their farms, as is the case for seed potatoes. D. alata minitubers performed better than D. rotundata minitubers. D. rotundata minitubers weighing 10-25g produced 90% seed yams (100-500g) while the 26-50g and 51-75g minitubers produced 36% and 68% seed yams (200-1000g) respectively. Seed yams weighing 200-1000g are preferred by most farmers. From this experiment, minitubers weighing 10-25g gave seed yam yield that compared in size with those from 25g cut minisetts. Only 20% of seed yams weighing 200-1000g were produced from 10-25g minitubers of D. rotundata while D. alata gave 36.64% seed yams from 10-25g minitubers. Minitubers of 51-100g are hereby recommended as these give over 60% seed yams of 200-1000g, which are preferred by most farmers [Niger Agric. J. 34 (2003): 63-67 ]

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