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The research is based from many news in online media like, and which information that two cases bird flu at first 2010. The first case on February 23, the bird flu had been attacking a housewife in Malang and second case is attacked a toddler on April 28 in Pekanbaru. The newly cases it declare that bird flu still dangerous in Indonesia while it had been campaigning with use television PSA about the effective steps to lessen risk from the bird flu attack long times ago. One of them Television PSA Tanggap Flu Burung by Komnas FBPI who have four version. The Komnas FBPI is a commitee who has initiative for handle the bird flu case. But, because of the two case that so the commitment of Komnas has unaccepted. Based on it, the researcher would have to know how much the frequency of health preserve message which on four version television PSA Tanggap Flu Burung by Komnas FBPI with the formulate research question “How much the frequency health preserve message on Four Version Television PSA Tanggap Flu Burung by Komnas FBPI?” The health preserve is the way or tacling effort and preventive of health trouble. The tacling is the way to handling health trouble and preventive is the way to far from the health trouble. Infomation health preserve is important to inform and knowing from the society the first for zone or country who had been attacking by dangerous disease. The information which have health preserve message can inform with the television PSA like interesting but simple and clear so the society can accepting and understanding and to practice it on their life everyday that striking from the health trouble. The type of the research is use descriptive type with using statistic tool and the method research is used content analysis method. This method just analyse message on in research object. The scope in here is all of scene in Television PSA Tanggap Flu Burung by Komnas FBPI which 24 scene (total scene from the four version). The unit of measure is every frequency of appearance from the scene which on have a tacling and preventive category. The result research shown that the health preserve message on Four Version Television PSA Tanggap Flu Burung is have health preserve message is 15 scene (62,5%) from 24 scene. The health preserve message on tacling category is 7 times (29,17%) with checkup indication as much 2 times (8,33%), medication indication is 3 times (12,5%) and reporting indication is 2 times (8,33%). Meanwhile for the preventive category is show up 18 times (75%) with the cleansing of indication is 7 times (29,17%) and kept contact indication is 11 times (45,83%). With the result that so the conclusion is the four version Television PSA Tanggap Flu Burung by Komnas FBPI is much have health preserve message, while the message it muchly shown in preventive category. From the result so the researcher have to recommend to the next researcher for use other method for the message on tacling category more can found. And the researcher recommend to KomnasFBPI for giving health preserve message far better on tacling category or balancing with the preventive category.

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