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한국성과 한국현대회화에 대한 탐구

Publication Date
  • 한국성
  • 아이덴터티
  • 현대예술
  • 수묵화
  • 본성
  • 기호학


Korean fine art has not only being diversely changed but also important position in people's life today. People say that 21century called globalism is a period of having a completing with other nations to acquire world art. This time, korean traditional art and cultural assets represent the spirit of the times in a nation. In a sense of that way, korean traditional art has the best quality of dignity and value as the representative in korea. But korean traditional art wander from place to place not discover new motive. So that for the purpose I want to analyzed korean fine art side view symbolic logic. Especially this study should be access though the korea art by korean spirits connecting korea art today side view modeling.

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