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Concerns and Image of Naito Jushin-in (Nobeoka Domain, Hyuga Province) Observed from her Travel Journal Gojusan-tsugi Nemuri no Ainote (2)

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  • 内藤充真院
  • 五十三次ねむりの合の手
  • Naito Jushin-In
  • Nobeoka Domain
  • Gojusan-Tsugi Nemuri No Ainote
  • Musicology


Here I derive the Jushin-in's noticeable position, personal relationships with her attendants, and physical and mental condition from travel journal "Gojusan-tsugi Nemuri no Ainote" written by Jushin-in, and furthermore, indicate her travel interests including meeting with ordinary people, pleasure of eating, attention to local specialties, admiration of sceneries and literature, and devotion for shrines and temples. By analyzing these, animage of Jushin-in is revealed as below. Despite a decline in stamina and vision, which was appropriate to her age, she was a person in sound body. She was frank and open with positive and optimistic personality and also patient and calm never letting her anger show. She behaved with a generous heart toward her subordinates and had pride in her position as well as humility to be grateful to those around her. She adored her granddaughter and looked at the ordinary children and women she met while traveling with tender eyes. As a well-educated and warm-hearted person, she wrote tankas being touched by beautiful sceneries and thought over literature remembered in connection with the places she visited. She also had a lively and cheerful aspect to love music and dance. With devout faith, she visited temples and shrines on her travels including the temple where there was the tomb of her ancestors from whom the Naito family had been estranged. As for food preference, sweet red bean rice, vegetables stewed in a soy broth, and sea bream were her favorites.

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