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Bisphenol A in our food : same toxicological studies but different risk assessment and risk management decisions around the world.

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Bisphenot A in our food: sârnê toxicotogicat studies but different risk assessment and risk management decisions around the world Marie-Louise Scippo, Department of Food Sciences, Faculty of veterinary medicine, University of Liège, Belgium INTRODUCTION BisphenoI A tBPA] [2,2-bis-(4-hydroxy- phenytl propane, CAS no 80-05-71 [figure 'il is an industriat chemicaI compound synthesized from the condensation of two phenot groups and one acetone molecute [the A in bispheno[ A stands for acetone). Other synonyms for bisphenoI A are L,4' -dihydroxy-2,2-diphenytpropane loff i- ciat IUPAC nomenctaturel, 4,4'-{propan- I Food Science A Law 2Ol'l Os.rndd I I 2-ytidenel diphenot, p, p'-isopropytidene- bisphenoI or 4,4'-isopropytidenediphe- no[- It is used as a monomer in the manufac- turing of potymers such as polycarbonate lfigure 2] and the epoxy resins lfigure 3], as wett as antioxidant and inhibiter of end ol potymerization in potyvrnyl ch[oride ptastics {PVCI. The potycarbonate is used in materia[s intended to come into contact with food, [ike certain reusabte ptastic Marie-Louise Scippo bottles, feeding botttes, plates, gobtets, cups, etc., white the epoxy resins are used in the internaI coating of cans. However, onty 3 % of at[ the potycarbonate produced as well as 10 0/o of the epoxy resins are used in materiats intended to come into contact with foodstuffs (Ptastics Europe, 20071. The other uses are sun gtasses, buitding materials, CD-R0M, medicat de- vices, etc. 5âmenvâtting Bisphenot A [BPAI [2,2-bis-t4-hydroxyphenytlpropaan. CAS n" 80-05-7] is een industriëte chemische stof, gesyntheti- seerd uit de condensatie van twee fenotgroepen en één aceton motecu[e [de A in bisphenot A staat voor aceton). Andere synoniemen voor bisphenot A zijn 1+,4'-dihydroxy-2,2-diphenytpropane {officieet IUPAC-nomenclatuur}, 4,4'-[propan-2- ytidenel difenot, p, p'-isopropytidenebispheno[, of4,4'-isopropytidenediphenot. Het wordt gebruikt ats een monomeer bij de productie van potymeren zoals polycarbonaat e

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