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Optical fiber sensors based on Layer-by-Layer nanostructured films

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DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2010.09.299
  • Layer-By-Layer Self-Assembly
  • Optical Fiber Sensors
  • Nanostructured Films
  • Biology
  • Physics


Abstract Different optical fiber sensors based on Layer-by-Layer nanostructured coatings are shown. Due to the precise control on the nanometer scale that this technique provides it is possible to optimize the response of the optical fiber sensors and also the fabrication of sensors based on sensing phenomena which are possible to observe only with nanocoatings. Sensors based on nanoFabry-Perots, microgratings, tapered ends, biconically tapered fibers, long period gratings or photonic crystal fiber have made possible the monitoring of temperature, humidity, pH, gases, volatile organic compounds, H2O2, copper or glucose. The possibility of incorporating proteins, enzymes or antibodies makes this technique especially useful for the fabrication of biosensors for biological recognition.

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