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Predictors of Organizational Commitment at Putra Palace Hotel

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  • Hd58.9 Organizational Effectiveness.
  • Design
  • Psychology


The purpose of this paper is to study on the relationship between work motivation, psychological empowerment and job involvement with organizational commitment among employees at Putra Palace Hotel. Hence,to identify which of those predictors that leads to organizational commitment here.For this thesis,descriptive research is used.By using this type of design,it gives a clearer picture on how those factors relate to each other.A structured questionnaire as a medium to measure all the variables was developed and distributed to employees.Besides of the Descriptive Analysis,Pearson Correlation and Multiple Regression Analyses were employed to test the hypotheses in the research. The data for this study were collected from 72 respondents of Putra Palace Hotel,in Perlis. The results from the findings of this study indicate work motivation and job involvement is the predictor of the organizational commitment among the employees.The results when the researcher conduct the research also show which independent variables that not significantly correlated with the dependent variables.By using a questionnaire for collecting most of the data might cause common method error. Result might not be the same if the study is conducted at other established organizations.This thesis will contributes to a better understanding of the predictors of organizational commitment to the organization and elaborates on how these factors interact to influence organizational commitment. The keywords used are organizational commitment, work motivation, psychological empowerment and job involvement.

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