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Time Dependent Reliability Analysis of Steel I Bridge Girder Designed Based on SNI T-02-2005 and SNI T-3-2005 Subjected to Corrosion

Procedia Engineering
DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2013.03.025
  • Corrosion
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Steel Structure
  • Chloride
  • Service
  • Design


Abstract Steel bridge girder located in the vicinity of the sea cannot escape from corrosion. Over time the effect of corrosion becomes more significant, especially when there is no interference performed by bridge authority. This study will present the reliability analysis of steel I bridge girder designed using SNI T-02-2005 and SNI T-3-2005 subjected to corrosion as a results of chloride attacks. The corrosion model utilized in this study is taken from previous research available in the literature. The study will consider 15m and 20m spans of bridge girder located close to the sea, with a designed service life of 50 years. To consider the uncertainty of all parameters affecting the performance of steel I bridge girder in corrosive environment, probability approach using Monte Carlo simulation will be employed. Three performance indicators of steel bridge girder under dead and live loads will be considered (i.e. bending strength, shear strength and deflection). The framework developed will allow more accurate service life prediction of steel bridge structures in a chloride environment.

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