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TWO CASABA TILTS TONITE PIONEER Sports December 9, 1942 Page 6 B GRIDDERS TO TANGLE A National league touch football doubleheader is scheduled for Saturday at the 9G gridiron. The first contest at 1:30 will feature a dash for top honors between the undefeat- ed 7F Skibos and 9E Raiders. The Skibos will turn loose the deadly pass combination of Kawamura to Tokunaga, while the Raiders will bank on their speedy "T-forma- tion boys" Uyesugi, Hama- hashi, Hinoki, and Furu- no. A lively tussle is in store for the fans. The second game brings together the Livingston Wolverines and the Modesto Midgets. NEW JR HIGH COACH HERE Clarence Kahler was ap- pointed as junior high school physical education instructor last week re- placing John C. Hoke, who has been promoted to head coach of the senior high school boys. He will be assisted by Pete Masuoka. Prior to his coming here Kahler was head coach at Eads high school. He was also a former physical ed- ucation instructor in Gra- nada. REC EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE Ping pong tables have been set up in the follow- ing recreation halls: 6G, 12E, 11G, and 12H, and the 6H and 9H laundries, the recreation department an- nounced Monday. Goal-hi's have been placed at the 11G, 11K, 7G, and 9E recreation halls. Table games may be played at 6E, 11G, and 11K. CENTER FIVE MEETS LAMAR The Amache high school five will invade Lamar to- day and tangle with the strong Lamar varsity in a practice game at the high sohool gymnasium. Both teams have chalked up wins over Granada in pre- vious games and today's tus- sle should be a toss-up. Coach Hoke has named the following boys to make the trip: Mas Igasaki, Roy Okuda, Romeo Kitagawa, Lefty Kitagawa, Hideo Arii, Kenji Yamaga, Russell Yamaga, and Bill Yoshiwara. HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONS NAMED The sixth period gym class captained by Slug Yotsuya, and the third per- iod class led by Masao Iga- saki, were named co-holders of the center high school touch football championship, according to Pete Masuoka, who had charge of the boys. GRID MEETING SET FOR FRIDAY An important meeting of managers and captains of both the National and Amer- ican league teams will be held Friday at 7 p.m. in the 7E recreation hall, an- nounced Koe Yoshida of the Recreation department. The Quarterback club will meet tomorrow at 7 p.m. in the 7E recreation hall. PIRATES FAVORED The Pirates, Granada town basketball team, and the Granada high school girls' basketball team will be the opponents for two squads from the center this evening at the Granada high school gymnasium. Upholding the honor of the center will be the PIONEER Newshawks and the Les Etoiles. Both teams will take the floor for the first time this season as neither was able to work in a single practice session. The Pirates who will take on the Newshawks boast a flashy team composed of former high school stars and have taken numerous trophies which are on dis- play at the Granada drug store. The Granada high girls' team, hostesses to the Les Etoiles, is com- posed of girls from high school gym classes. Members of the Newshawk team: Wait Fuchigami, Jack Ito, Suyeo Sako, Chris Ishii, Bob Hirano, Tosh Ninomiya, Shig Sugano, John Tsuruta, Fred Miyamoto, George Ha- mamoto, Khan Komai, and Jiro Sumita. The Les Etoiles roster: Mary Oi, Jaine Oi, Yoshiko Ito, Toshiko Nozawa, Estella Hoshimiya, Margie Takata, and Michiko Nomura. SCOUT TROOPS IN VOLUNTEER WORK Approximately 40 boys and leaders of Troops 162 and 177 reported for volun- tary work at the XY ranch Sunday to bundle kindling wood for the center in pre- paration of the cold winter yet to come. Center scouts will continue this "good turn" deed over a number of weekends. HOW THEY STAND AMERICAN W L T Skookums 2 0 0 Maggots 2 0 0 Kau Kau 1 1 0 Yogores 0 1 1 Rough Riders 0 1 1 Newshawks 0 2 0 NATIONAL W L T Raiders 2 0 0 Skibos 2 0 0 Wolverines 1 1 0 Bulldogs 0 1 1 Deltans 0 1 1 Midgets 0 2 0

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