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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Arne Tiselius

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Biokemiska Institutionen, Uppsala April 2, 1968 AT/mr Dr. Joshua Lederberg Director, Kennedy Laboratories for Molecular Medicine Stanford University School of Medicine Palo Alto, Calif. USA Dear Dr. Lederberg, Since 1956 the Nobel Foundation has organized, as a new activity, “Nobel Symposia , ‘/being e s s entially round-table conferences on topics related to one or another of the five Nobel prize fields, that is physics, chemistry, physio- logy or medicine, literature and peace. The membership is strictly limited (about 25 being invited). The participants are the guests of the Foundation while in Sweden (or Norway) and their travelling expenses are also included in the invitation. The papers presented and the discussion (or part of it) are published rapidly in the series “Nobel Symposia” (Almqvist och Wiksell, Publ. Stockholm and John Wiley and Sons, New York-London). So far volumes I,II, III and V have appaared and IV, VI are in the press and will appear shortly. Enclosed you will find a small information brochure and a list of Nobel Sympo- sia already held as well as of those planned for the near future. Since more than a year plans have been discussed to organize’(ten- tatively in Sept. 1969) a symposium related to all the five Nobel prize fields under the proposed title: “Science, Arts, Peace and Human Welfare. A Symposium on Alfred NobelCs ideas in a changing world. ” Obviously this would be a very ambitious undertaking, and some people may possibly ask why we should attempt such a thing, when similar initiatives have now become “en vogue” in many countries, for example in connection with anniversaries of universities, academies etc. We feel, however, that the Nobel Foundation, by its traditions and by the good relations it enjoys with representa- tives of the world elite in many fields, might have a favorable position in trying to mobilize a selected few of great authority to speak of urgent worl

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