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Prijevodi Platonovih djela na hrvatski jezik

Institute of Philosophy; [email protected]
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In this paper I am trying to present an outlook of the hitherto translations of Plato into Croatian and provide a more or less clear insight into the ways of translating. The paper is divided into three parts. In the first part, the Croatian translations are listed chronologically, with a brief analysis. The remarks concerning the translations are not detailed, and they are intended to stress their main characteristics only. I did not focus on the text of the Croatian translations alone, but I analyzed the forewords, afterwords, notes, and comments. Each translation was apportioned the space I believe it deserves. The second part of the paper is the Dictionary presenting an outline of eight translators’ (Petračić, Pažur, Rac, Kuzmić, Gortan, Sironić, Barbarić, Grgić) variants for twenty-three Plato’s terms. The choice of translators does not include only the best ones, but all those who I believe were the most efficient ones in the formation of the Croatian translating heritage in this context. Direct confirmations of some of the notes accompanying translations (especially those concerning the consistency of the terminology) can easily be found in the Dictionary. The final part of the paper adds some general remarks about the Croatian tradition of translating Plato.

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