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The North East: A region of the European Union. Cleveland, Durham, Northumberland, Tyne, and Wear

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CE E: X V \/2 rn :1> c: c: 0 z ::a ::a 0 . , rn 0 . , - 1 (i) rn :I: z :1:1 ! rn 0 z z collsvs Text Box Hadrian 's Wall - Norrhllmberlal!d A Region of The EUROPEAN UNION 6 8 8 REGENERATION OF AREAS AND INDUSTRIES 8 BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND OVERSEAS INVESTMENT 9 TOURISM AND THE ENVffiONMENT 10 TRANSPORT 12 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT AND SCIENTIFIC COOPERATION AND ENERGY 13 RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND AGRICULTURE 14 CROSS-FRONTIER COOPERATION 15 B) Social impact 16 EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES 16 TRAINING 16 SOCIAL SUPPORT MEASURES 18 C) Cultural impact 18 RESTORATION OF CULTURAL AND ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE 18 INTER-REGIONAL ACTIVITIES - EUROPE WEEKS, TwrN:N!NG 20 4 Involvement of local and regional bodies and individuals 20 - THE EuROPEAN UNION is composed of 15 Member States but it comprises a much greater number of regions whose dynamic diversity is one of the Union's greatest strengths. The current European Union of 15 is clearly very different from the Common Market l :GENERAL INTRODUCTION of the original 6. However, its political geography will soon be further changed as negotiations take place over the next few years with Cyprus, Malta and countries in Eastern & Central Europe, the result of which will be a still wider Union. In this radically reshaped Union, the sense of regional identity will be a useful counter-balance to the decision-making by Ministers which national Governments will undertake at the level of the Union itself. An Inter-Governmental Conference starts in 1996. It will reflect on the current state of the Union and progress made since Maastricht. It will put forward adaptations necessary to carry this reshaped Union forward into the twenty-first century. The removal of internal frontiers in Europe and the arrangements for completing a Single Market in which there is free movement of people, goods, capital and in

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