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Činnost orgánů krizového řízení při zajištění připravenosti na řešení mimořádných událostí a finanční zabezpečení přípravy

Publication Date
  • Krizová Připravenost
  • Krizové řízení
  • Krizová Situace
  • Nouzový Stav
  • Stav Nebezpečí
  • Stav Ohrožení Státu
  • Emeregency /Crisis Awareness
  • Crisis / Emergency Management
  • Emergency / Crisis Situation
  • State Of Emergency
  • State Of Danger State Of Peril To The Country / State Of Threat To The State
  • Law
  • Political Science


The thesis deals with analysis of current security system in the Czech Republic and, in particular, with the legal framework for the training of state authorities and local governments to manage non-military events. The study and analysis of legislation and the subsequent synthesis of the findings enabled to arrange the chapters into a clearly structured whole. The rights and obligations of the emergency management authorities at the emergency response training and management, the system of security councils and crisis headquarters, activities and the scope of competencies of individual entities providing the emergency response training and management, focusing on the scope and powers of the regional and local administrative bodies, are described. The level of financial security spent by individual institutions on preparation for emergencies management is clearly surveyed. For municipal authorities, a model of a call for the provision of material support and resources at the time of an emergency situation has been suggested, since the large majority of mayors perform this activity voluntarily and without a refund of their salaries (besides their jobs) and they are not fully familiar with the issue. The current security system in the Czech Republic is functioning, and its settings and functionality have been verified in recent years in various emergency situations, without finding significant deficiencies. Yet it is still necessary to optimize the scope, methodology and actions of its components at different levels and in different areas and to consolidate the relevant legislation

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