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Longitudinal Panel Survey for Local Poverty Study - 2nd Wave

  • 빈곤의 순환
  • 빈곤 탈출
  • 빈곤층
  • 저소득층
  • 박탈
  • 사회불평등의식
  • 중심문화
  • 복지정책
  • 노동시장
  • 삶의 기회
  • 재생산의 조건
  • 인적자본
  • 빈곤의식
  • 정체성
  • 상실
  • 가족해체
  • 가족기능
  • 가부장제
  • Education
  • Medicine


The purpose of this study is to examine the two status of povery. The first one is to find out a variety of social conditions related with poverty. The second one is to analyze the dynamic processes in the formation and changing aspects of poverty in local area. The major theme for this approach includes the following areas: status of health and medical conditions, family, education, income and expenses, labor market conditions, social consciousness, neighborhood environment and social networks.

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