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Letter from Albert Rothenberg to Joshua Lederberg

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Austen Riggs Center, Inc. Stockbridge, Massachusetts 01262 101.(413)29&5511 l Non-Prolil Charterln 1919 April 3, 1981 Dr. Joshua Lederberg, President Rockefeller University 1230 York Avenue at East 66th Street New York, New York 10021 Dear President Lederberg: Several years ago, you were kind enough to participate in our project on scientific creativity. I told you at that time that I would contact you if, and when, any results pertaining to your participation would be published. The enclosed manuscript is such a planned publication. I am sending this to you, both for your interest and permission. Rather than trouble you with the task of a formal reply to me at this time, I suggest that I merely set up a deadline whi h you may use for this purpose. In other words, I do not hear from you by April 30, I shall assume that you have no comments or objections about my publishing this article as it stands. Thank you again for your help. With best personal wishes, Albert Rothenberg, M.D. Director of Research Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University AR:fs Enclosure P. s. I hope all goes well with you, My move to Stockbridge has been salutary. A. R. Danlel P. Schwartz, M D Medical Dlrector Martin Cooperman. M D. Associate Medlcal Dlrector John J Dakin Admlnlstrator

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