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Computer Science? WTF?

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Computer Science? WTF? Les Carr COMP6046, Lecture 2 It’s Not Really About Computers •  Calling Computer Science “Computer Science” is like calling •  Astronomy •  Telescope Science AbstracIon •  Computer science uses abstrac'on as a tool for controlling complexity •  Systems building •  Black box •  Choose important properIes –  Ignore details Algorithms •  Rules by which a process is carried out •  Governed by rules of mathemaIcs •  Embodied in programs Computer Science is… •  theoreIcal foundaIons of informa(on and computa(on, and of pracIcal techniques for their implementaIon and applicaIon in computer systems •  systemaIc study of algorithmic processes that create, describe, and transform informa(on Smallest Things •  A transistor: an amplifier or a switch Chip: 10mmx10mm Contains 125,000,000 transistors Each transistor: 50nm Influenza virus: 100nm Visible light: 400-­‐700nm wavelength Computers Can’t Add Up TRUE FALSE FALSE •  A logic gate consists of two transistors – NAND – AND OR NOT XOR •  A computer doesn’t calculate numbers, it evaluates binary logic values •  From logic on single ‘bits’ we can build arithmeIc on arbitrarily big numbers •  Or lots of informaIon! InformaIon •  1 byte = a character (256 values) •  1 kilobyte = •  1 Megabyte = size of a photo or a dissertaIon •  1 Gigabyte = 30 mins of dig

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