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Milk production of imported Braunvieh, Holstein and Brown Swiss cows in the tropical lowlands of Bolivia

Annales de Génétique et de Sélection Animale
Springer (Biomed Central Ltd.)
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DOI: 10.1186/1297-9686-14-1-103c
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Seasonal depression of fertility in hot climates as influenced by production level and temperature humidity stress M.M. HEIMAN « On », A.1. Coop. Sarid, Israel NR rates of 275 719 inseminations in 124 high producing large herds in 4 years revealed a severe depression of fertility in the hot season, whereas 206 829 inseminations in moderately producing small herds did not show such a depression. The combined influences of 2 stresses, yield and climate, cause the depression. A study on high yielding herds, during 3 years in 2 types of climate was carried out. In 34 herds with 12 625 cows in coastal areas with less high temperature but higher humidity, fertility depression was stronger in each of the 3 years, than in 35 herds with 11 540 cows in inland areas with higher temperature but lower humidity. Seasonalizing of inseminations and providing of an appropriate microclimate are the answers to the problem of climatic stress. Milk production in India of imported and local born Braunvieh cows W. KROPF M. MENZI* W. von SIEBENTHAL* .. * Institute of Animal Production, ETH Zurich, Switzerland ** Agricultural Consultant, 3600 Thun, Switzerland *** A1 Centre, Mulligen, Switzerland Milk yields in 1st and 2nd lactation, first calving interval (FCI), age at first (AFC) and at second calving (ASC) of two imported Braunvieh groups (IMP 1 and IMP 2) and their offsprings born in India (Indian born) have been compared. Indian born heifers calved at 1013 days of age (Switzerland 1978, 1979 : 1019 days). 305-days milk yields in 1st resp. 2nd lactation were about 2 355 kg and 2 612 kg (IMP 1), 2 125 kg and 2 558 kg (IMP 2) and 1 794 and 2 387 kg (Indian born), and were inferior to performances realized in Switzerland (1978, 1979 : 1st lact. : 3 353 kg ; 2nd lact. : 4 169 kg). The low first standard lactation of Indian born cows is a consequence of an extensive raising. FCI for IMP 1 (455 days) and IMP 2 (475 days) was longer than in Switzerland (1978, 1979 : 410 days), which indicates that fe

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