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Two-Level Semantics and Code Generation

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  • A Two-Level Denotational Metalanguage That Is Suitable For Defining The Semantics Of Pascal-Like Lan
  • The Two Levels Allow For An Explicit Distinction Between Computations Taking Place At Compile-Time A
  • While This Distinction Is Perhaps Not Absolutely Necessary For Describing The Input-Output Semantics
  • It Is Necessary When Issues Such As Data Flow Analysis And Code Generation Are Considered
  • For An Example Stack-Machine
  • The Authors Show How To Generate Code For The Run-Time Computations And Still Perform The Compile-Ti
  • Using An Example
  • It Is Argued That Compiler-Tricks Such As The Use Of Activation Records Suggest How To Cope With Cer
  • The Correctness Of The Code Generation Is Proved Using Kripke-Like Relations And Using A Modified Ma


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