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The differentiation of low fidelity circuitry by behavioral test response

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Differentiation of low fidelity circuitry by behavioral test response. THE DIFFERENTIATION OF LOW FIDELITY CIRCUITRY BY BEHAVIORAL TEST RESPONSE By .;;- ,%- 7 JOSEPH JAMES' SMALDINO A DISSERTATION PRESENTED TO THE GRADUATE COUNCIL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA 197^ fill ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The author gratefully acknowledges the criticism and help provided by the supervisory committee during the formu- lation, conduct and writing of this dissertation. Special thanks is extended to Dr. Hutchinson and Dr. Sellers who provided equipment, materials, advice and unyielding support throughout the study. Dr. Cutler and Dr. LaPointe, of the Veterans Administration Hospital, contributed space, instru- mentation, materials, time;vedi1<1afeial comments and enthusiastic encouragement. Dr. Moore supplied' advice and encouragement. Dr. Harris, of the Submarine Medical Research Laboratory, Psychophysiological Section, Groton, Connecticut, furnished direction, editorial comments, materials and uncompromising support. Appreciation is extended to faculty, students and friends who enthusiastically volunteered their time to act as subjects. Graditude is extended to Dr. Hutton and Dr. Canahl at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia for permitting use of instrumentation and materials required for conduct of the study. Statistical advice was provided by Dr. Rice of the Veterans Admins itration Hospital, Dr. Shuster and Daryl Downing of the Bios tatis tics Department. Dr. Yost of the Communication Sciences Laboratory provided technical advisement for seme of the electroacoustic measure- ments . 11 Special gratitude is given to the author's wife, Sharon, v/hose secretarial and artistic skills, and patience made this study possible . Especial thanks to his son, Matthew, without whose constant and loving involvement th

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