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Effect of Granules of Systemic Insecticides against Bulb Mites, Rhizoglyphus echinopus.

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The authors examined the effect of some 5 1.47546e-268ranular systemic insecticides such as Dimethoate, Estox (Bayer 4741) and Disyston on bulb mites, Rhizo glyphus echinopus by the method of soil treatment. By field experiments in 1961〜62, good results were obtained from the application of these granules to stone-leeks, 0.3g per one plant, before the transplantation of young shoots. By other experiments, the soil treatment of the granules to flower bulb, 2g per one bulb, was also proved to be effective. It was concerned these effects were chiefly resulted from the systemic action of the insecticides by the laboratory experiments using of stone-leeks treated by Dimethoate.

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