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Cognitive Development: Learning and Instruction

Elsevier Ltd
DOI: 10.1016/b0-08-043076-7/02323-8
  • Education
  • Psychology


Scientific conceptualizations of the relations between cognitive development and learning on the one side, and learning and instruction on the other side, have always been controversial in psychology and continue to be so. Theoretical standpoints depend on whether they take a universal or differential perspective, whether they are dominated by evolutionary-genetic or environment-oriented approaches, and whether they are biased ideologically toward an optimistic or pessimistic view on education. For these reasons, the entry will (a) present the universal relations between cognitive development, learning, and instruction; (b) analyze differential aspects of these three concepts; (c) describe theoretical approaches to the relation between cognitive development and learning; and (d) present theoretical conceptualizations of the relation between learning and instruction. The final section will contain some conclusions for educational practice.

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