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Neue ternäre RE-Silber-Aluminide (ReLa, Ce, Pr, Yb) mit gewellten Silber-Aluminium Kagomé Netzen

Journal of Alloys and Compounds
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DOI: 10.1016/0925-8388(92)90630-r


Abstract The crystal structures of the ternary phases (RE) 2(Ag, Al) 17 (RELa, Ce, Pr, Yb) contain puckered Kagomé nets of silver and aluminium which are stacked identically along the [001] direction. La 2Ag 17- x Al x ( x=7.3), Ce 2Ag 17- x Al x ( x=8.2), Pr 2Ag 17- x Al x ( x=7) and Yb 2Ag 17- x Al x ( x=8) crystallize as a ternary variant of the Th 2Zn 17 structure type (space group R3m; lattice constants in the range a=940.0–945.1 pm; c=1366.1–1372.7 pm; Z=3) which contains channels resulting from the sharing of common basal faces by hexagonal prisms of silver and aluminium atoms. Two-thirds of these prisms are occupied by RE atoms and one-third by Ag 2 pairs. La 1.8Ag 17- x Al x ( x=10.5), Ce 1.8Ag 17- x Al x ( x=10.5), Pr 1.8Ag 17- x Al x ( x=10.5) and Yb 1.8Ag 17- x Al x ( x=10) form ternary variants of the Th 2Ni 17 structure type (space group P6 3/ mmc; a=933.2–940.4 pm; c=911.0–915.3 pm; Z=3) with one-third of the channels being occupied by RE atoms and the remaining two-thirds alternately by Ag 2 pairs and RE atoms. A correlation between electron concentration and the various elements which occupy the hexagonal prismatic channels will be discussed.

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