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The Muses, the Masses, and the Massey Commission

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Communicating Health Information Communicating Health Information: The Community Engagement Model for Video Production David Murphy & Ellen Balka Simon Fraser University Iraj Poureslami, Diana E. Leung, & Anne-Marie Nicol University of British Columbia Trent Cruz University of Western Ontario Abstract: The Community Engagement Model was developed as a tool for the production of health communication videos for broadcast on local television sta- tions. The model, a hybrid of participatory video design and social marketing techniques, uses iterative design principles for both production and evaluation. This article reports on the use of this model for the design and production of a series of videos aimed at promoting awareness of the BC NurseLine (a 24-hour telephone health service) among Farsi speakers in the Greater Vancouver area. Statistical analysis of project-related data suggests that the use of an extensive, culturally engaged process to produce and evaluate the videos was integral to its success. The steps taken in this campaign are described to show how the Community Engagement Model can be used to produce effective, culturally sen- sitive, participatory media targeted at specific communities. Keywords : Video production; Participatory video; Health communication; Multicultural; Community Résumé: Le « Community Engagement Model » (modèle d’engagement com- munautaire) a été développé afin de produire des courtes vidéos de communica- tion pour la santé, diffusées sur des postes de télévision locales. Le modèle, un hybride entre les techniques de vidéo participative et de marketing social, se sert David Murphy is a Lecturer at the School of Communication, Simon Fraser University. Email: [email protected] Ellen Balka is a Professor in the School of Communication, Simon Fraser University. Email: [email protected] Iraj Pouresalmi is a Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Health Promotion Research (IHPR), University of British Columbia. Email: pouresla@ interc

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