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Europe's working women. European Community No. 171, December 1973

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CONTENTS 3 Community News 7 Europe's Working Women More than 15 years ago the Common Market Treaty set forth the principle of equal pay for equal work, but women throughout the Common Market still face job discrimination. The EC Commission's recommendations to right the biased situation are based on a Commission report on Europe's working women. 12 Inequality Marion Bywater European women face discrimination not just in employment but throughout life. European women's liberationists, like their American counterparts, must fight tradition, culture, and institutions. 14 East and West Talk Richard C. Longworth Thirty-four countries, including the United States, Canada, and the EC Member States, are participating in the European Security Con- ference, now in its "second stage" in Geneva. According to United Press International's European diplomatic correspondent, the EC countries' united front at the conference "has impressed their friends, attracted neutrals, and stymied the Soviet Union." 17 The Grand Play Philippe Heymann The managing editor of the Geneva magazine Vision uses the analogy of a card game to illuminate EC-US relations. The stakes and the hands are drawn for trade, monetary affairs, investments, technology, energy, and negotiating methods. Overall, the United States seems to have the stronger hand. 20 Britain's Second Thoughts Martin U. Mauthner A year after the United Kingdom joined the European Community, the British public wonders whether EC membership was a good idea after all. The former editor of the British edition of European Com- munity, through interviews with professors, politicians, journalists, and interest group spokesmen, attempts a reading of Britain's current "Eurogloom." 23 Recent Books 24 Publications Available Cover: Equal pay for equal work (see page 7). European Community is published In English, French, Italian, Germa• , Dutch, Greek, Spanish, and Turkish by the offices of the European Community Informa

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