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A spontaneous multiphoton emission induced by inhomogeneous potential in electrically modulated two-dimensional electron gases

Microelectronic Engineering
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DOI: 10.1016/s0167-9317(98)00203-2
  • Spontaneous Optical Emission
  • Inhomogeneous Potential Distribution
  • Electrically Modulated 2Deg
  • Thz Multiphoton Emission
  • Boltzmann Equation
  • Physics


Abstract A theoretical study is presented for spontaneous optical emission from a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in the presence of a unidirectional spatially periodic modulation at low temperatures. The results obtained indicate that: (1) in an electrically modulated 2DEG at low temperatures, a strong electromagnetic radiation emission up to W/cm 2 can be generated by applying a d.c. driving electric field; (2) the radiation emission is generated indirectly in the occupied subbands through electronic transitions around the Fermi level; (3) the frequency of the radiation generated is at about 0.1 THz; (4) in the low frequency regime, spontaneous multiphoton emissions can be observed; and (5) this type of optical emission depends strongly on the sample parameters such as the electron density of the 2DEG and the modulation length.

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