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Acceleration charge sensitivity in AT-quartz resonators.

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The behavior of AT-quartz resonators subject to acceleration is studied. For an AT strip resonator with cantilever mounting, piezoelectric theory predicts that excitation of the pure lowest frequency flexural mode of vibration generates no charge. However, experiments show electromechanical resonance corresponding to this mode for sinusoidal support motion normal to the plane of the crystal with no applied electric field. An amplifier with a voltage follower first stage senses charge output from the crystal. Shielding is required to reduce sixty hertz and drive frequency electromagnetic interference. Measurement of resonant frequency and damping factor for the lowest frequency flexural mode is reported for a group of 17.76 MHz oscillator crystals. This mode is responsible for crystal breakage in some portable communications products. Significant variation in sensitivity among crystals was observed. Charge sensitivity of this mode is attributed in part to mechanical coupling to other modes involving torsion and lateral flexure.

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