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Notulae ad Indicem Florae Croaticae, 3

Croatian Natural History Museum
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Notulae ad Indicem Florae Croaticae 3 is a supplement that offers additional information and corrections to Index Florae Croaticae Pars 1, 2 and 3. The list should be provided with the following additional taxa: Ambrosia coronopifolia Torr. et A. Gray, Senecio micanioides Otto, Gypsophylla repens L., Atriplex halimus L., Chenopodium probstii Aellen, Sedum montanum Perr. et Song., Dryopteris affinis subsp. cambrensis Fraser-Jenkins, Dryopteris cristata (L.) A. Gray, Polystichum x wirtgenii Hahne, Pseudofumaria lutea (L.) Borkh., Pilularia minuta Dur. et A Braun, Hypecoum pendulum L., Roemeria hybrida (L.) DC, Polypodium interjectum Shivas, P. x mantoniae (Rothm.) Shivas, Aconitum lycoctonum L. subsp. lycoctonum, A. variegatum subsp. podobnikianum Mucher, Adonis aestivalis subsp. provincialis (DC.) C. Steinb., Delphinium pictum Willd, Helleborus foetidus L., H. viridis L. subsp. viridis, Typha domingensis (Pers.) Steudel. The species Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. and A. maritima L. are marked by nat. The presence of the species Globularia pilulifera L. is questionable in Croatia. The material for the genus Colchicum L. has been rewritten and should be completely replaced. The species Scorzonera humilis L. and S. laciniata L. differ in synonym quotation. The bibliography contains an additional reference for the species Azolla filiculoides excluded in Pars 1.

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