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On a large adult Zebra shark landed at Pamban

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  • Demersal Fishes
  • Shark Fisheries


NFORMATION SERVICE ON A LARGE ADULT ZEBRA SHARK LANDED AT PAMBAN* On 7-12-1987, an adult female Stegostoma faciatum measuring 207 cm in total length and 49 kg by weight obtained while trawling at 20 m off Pamban in the Gulf of Mannar, was landed at Therkavadi landing centre of Pamban (Fig. I). Although landing of juveniles of S. faciatum are not uncommon along the Indian coasts this is the first record of such a large adult specimen from the southeast coast of India. * Reported by S. Krishna Pillai and C. Kasinafhan, Regional Centre of CMFRI, Mandapam Camp. 24'6Cm Fig. 1. An oviparous Zebra sharlt Stegostoma faciatum caught off Pamban in Gulf of Mannar. wms

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