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Using PSO for a walk of a biped robot

Journal of Computational Science
DOI: 10.1016/j.jocs.2014.01.006
  • Evolutionary Robotic
  • Robot Walk
  • Particles Swarm Optimization
  • Biped Robot
  • Forward Kinematic
  • Support Polygon


Abstract This paper is a presentation of a work that consists to model a biped robot walk in simulation. The specific objective is to develop a strategy based on an evolutionary method. The chosen architecture to represent the biped includes ten degrees of freedom on ten articulations between seven links. This evolutionary method is a generation of articulation angles using a particle swarm optimization (PSO). This work invokes also the direct kinematic principle. The PSO guarantees the stability of the biped by using a constraint on the center of mass (CoM) and the polygon of support. Results show that this method is tempting for a high level development.

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