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A genealogy of the kings of England in papal Avignon: British Library, Egerton MS. 1500

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  • Political Science


This is one of three articles in eBLJ (2013) dedicated to the "Abreujamen de las estorias", British Library Egerton MS 1500. The other two articles are: Federico Botana,' The Making of "L'Abreujamen de las estorias": British Library Egerton MS 1500', eblj (2013), article 16. Alexander Ibarz, 'The Provenance of the "Abreujamens de las estorias" (London, British Library, Egerton MS. 1500) and the Identification of Scribal Hands (c. 1323)' eblj (2013), article 17. Leglu's article, eblj (2013), article 18, examines the various political agendas that emerge in the depiction of the kings of Britain and England, from Brutus to Edward II.

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