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Chapter 6.4 Six-membered ring systems: With O and/or S atoms

Elsevier B.V.
DOI: 10.1016/s0959-6380(06)80017-6


Publisher Summary This chapter discusses (1) heterocycles containing one oxygen atom, (2) heterocycles containing one sulfur atom, (3) heterocycles containing two or more oxygen atoms, (4) heterocycles containing two or more sulfur atoms, and (5) heterocycles containing both oxygen and sulfur in the same ring. The occurrence of the six-membered cyclic ether unit in natural products ensures that the stereoselective synthesis of pyrans is an area of continued interest. The high yielding hetero Diels–Alder reaction of thiochalcone, 1,3-diphenylthiabutadiene, with chiral dienophiles shows good endo selectivity especially in the presence of Lewis acids, but the chiral induction is quite variable although chromatographic separation of the diastereoisomers is feasible.

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