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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Yehoshafat Harkabi

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THE ROCKEFELLER UNIVERSITY 1230 YORK AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10021 October 11, 1988 JOSHUA LEDERBERC PRESIDENT Dr. Yehoshafat Harkabi Hexter Professor of International Relations.and Middle Eastern Studies Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel Dear Fati: Thank you for sending me the talk'you gave ,at Brighton. But if I, perhaps too crudely, summarize your remarks as sug- gesting that small states matter less and less, I am afraid I just do not agree. The proliferation of very capable mis- siles, chemical weaponry, and eventually nuclear-warheads, together with a global situation that leads to ever more multi-polarity for.economic, military and political develop- ment reasons, leads me to exactly the opposite conclusion. It is not that small states will topple large ones; but the ability of large states to control the pattern of events is in my own opinion rapidly diminishing. Even as a conse- quence of what may be looked forward to as a period of improv- ing harmony among the large states; the bipolar conflict will have less and less to say about the further direction of the planet.. Perhaps I misunderstood you. Yourhsincerely, ua Lederberg

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