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El documentalista en programas de televisión: cualidades específicas y relaciones profesionales

Facultad de Comunicación y Documentación y Editum (Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Murcia)
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  • Bh. Information Needs And Information Requirements Analysis.
  • Ea. Mass Media.
  • Ge. Staff.
  • Gg. Curricula Aspects.
  • Gi. Training.
  • Law


The role of the television programme researcher is analysed, as well as their integration into programme production projects, and their participation in the life cycle of audiovisual products. A review is made of the origin, tasks and skills of television programme researchers in Spain. Working relationships with the production, executive production, direction and scripting teams they serve are analysed. Similarly, working relationships with the documentation centre of the broadcasting network and with external public, private and commercial files, with or without an Internet presence, are explained. Such relationships are of paramount importance for the research tasks in order to illustrate audiovisual projects with multimedia information.

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