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Energy release by forced magnetic reconnection in a marginally stable plasma.

Physics of Plasmas
American Institute of Physics
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  • Energy
  • Fusion Reactor Plasmas
  • Magnetic Field Effects
  • Magnetic Relaxation
  • Plasma (Energy Release By Forced Magnetic Reconnection In Marginally Stable Plasma)
  • Communication


Forced magnetic reconnection in a sheared force-free magnetic field brings about relaxation of the system to a state of lower magnetic energy. The resulting energy release becomes strongly amplified when the field is close to the tearing instability threshold, which makes the linear theory [Vekstein and Jain, Phys. Plasmas 5, 1506 (1998)] not applicable in this case. In the present brief communication the reconnective energy release in the marginally stable magnetic field is derived by exploring the quasilinear theory of tearing modes. [on SciFinder (R)]

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