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Letter from D. Lewis to D. C. Martin

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_- c 0 3 Y Your Reference: RSE.>/705&RP Dear Sir 3ayfordbury Hertf'or;d Herts. Seventh December; ‘954 United States (F.A.O.) hesearch FelLowships vleasure In re>-)ly to your letteri about Mz. 3.3. Day I have shi7. in giving my oM.nion of his suitability for a fellocr- I have know-~ LE. Day since 13& when he came to work as a tern-2orary student at this Institution. Duriing the last thi:ee yeaps he has been working in the Genetics Deya?rtment under my su7ePvision. I cm, therefore, vaite about him viith some authority. Fil;stly, I must say that I have every confidence in Ds+y,and have no resezvatlons whatever to make on his suitability for the feilowshir>. He is inteliigent and hard-viorking, and has the ability atid the tenacity to ?ul:sue successfully a difficult r;ese;;Lrch -)roblem. His relations with both his senior and junior collea~ui=s a.~ excellent, and I have no doubt that this fact and his adaptability Would make him welcome in any 1aboLatory. He has wide interests and ttikes great ym,ins to obtain information in all branches of his subject. He has always made the most of any visit to Society meetings or other labofbto2ies, and I am sue that he would obtain the maximum benefit from a visit to the United States. 'rIis vior;k has been on the Genetics of rssistL.nce to ClLdos,joriutn fulvurn in the Tomato; a problem which involves the origin and nature of ::,I~~siolop;ical strains of the Farasite. This work has diven him not only the technical ex?exience of hancilinz fun&i in 73ure cultui5e, techniques of inducing and selecting mutants in microorgllyjisms, and the bre,?din,g and inoculation of giants, but has also given him the ex:3erience Dr. 3.C. Martin 2 contd..... to carry out research with a minimum of su-oertision. 1 am certain that an exj3ansion of the Genetics of rhysiolo:@cal specialisation and T;)arasitism in general will yield valuable results. The emel;ience Day would obt2in in Amei5can Lau

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