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Tasks and Perspectives of Global E-Trade Networks

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The rapid diffusion of e-commerce throughout the world has accelerated the introduction of global electronic trade. The essence of global electronic trade is to flow and exchange data among the related parties-businesses and counties. The proper linkage of trade networks are the fundamental elements to implement global electronic trade. In order to create a better environment for global electronic trade development, It is necessary for the related parties to make fit their information systems with those of their trading partners. In this paper, We focus on global electronic trade networks, which is at the heart of global electronic trade. The paper is organised as follows. Section II considers significances and requirements of electronic trade and electronic networks. Section III considers current state of global electronic trade networks. For example, The electronic trade networks such as Pan-Asian e-Commerce Alliance, Korea and Japan e-trade Hub Project, and ASEM e-Trade Network are examined. In spite of the advantage of these global networks, these have various problems that should be solved for global electronic trade. Section IV concentrates on the problems and the prospects faced in global electronic trade networks. The paper concludes with a summary which highlights a number of the key issues concerning global electronic trade networks.

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