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Spin-fluctuation resistivity in high-temperature superconductors

Physica C Superconductivity
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DOI: 10.1016/0921-4534(91)90945-u
  • Physics


Abstract Our recent calculation of the electrical resistivity in the Emery model due to the scattering of oxygen holes by antiferromagnetic spin fluctuations of the copper spins, where a simple Fermi-liquid model for the dynamic spin susceptibility was used, is extended by the consideration of the wavevector and temperature dependences of the spin dynamics according to the model by Millis, Monien, and Pines describing NMR experiments. It is found that the temperature dependence of the arbitrary-wavelength-spin-fluctuation resistivity in two dimensions is quadratic at low temperatures and linear at high temperatures. The absolute resistivity values are calculated to be of the experimentally observed magnitude in LSCO and YBCO compounds. We conclude that the in-plane resistivity in Cu-oxide superconductors, in particular the observed non-linear temperature dependences, may be explained by two-dimensional spin-fluctuation scattering in the Fermi-liquid picture.

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