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A Taste for Red Wine

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MARILYN WESTON You're Here the trees are bare. it seems as though the first leaf fell only yesterday. we celebrated Michael's first birthday, we sang and laughed and missed you. Grandma's fine, it's so cold and i remember a day when we ran laughing through fields of sunshine and yellow flowers, chasing butterflies and each other, somersaulting through time. the grass tickled my bare legs. i giggled and rubbed a beautiful flower on your nose. you stroked my golden hair, whispering through tears you'd never leave. i bring you flowers every day, stroke the cold gray stone above your head, waiting for the wind to whisper you're here. A Taste for Red Wine the cold and snow have brought warmth for winter wheat, fire to flicker in the eyes of lovers, the hearts of children, given me a taste for red wine and your lips. 14 Weston, Marilyn. "A Taste for Red Wine." The Cornfield Review 3 (1978): 14. Available online at Copyright held by the author.

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