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Energy efficient scheduling for hard real-time systems

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In modern electronic systems, especially in battery-driven devices, energy consumption has clearly become one of the most important design concerns. Low power consumption and long battery life are major development requirements and objectives to reduce system operation cost. From the system-level point of view, there are two widely applied energy saving techniques, Dynamic Power Management (DPM) and Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVS), which are able to adjust the trade-off between system performance and power consumption. Both techniques reduce system power consumption at the cost of performance loss, which is a crucial point in the context of hard real-time systems. To address energy optimization problem, this dissertation studies in detail the combined application of DPM and DVS on both single- and multi-core processor platforms, in particular with non-negligible state switching overhead. Unfortunately, the facing problem is proven to be NP-hard in the strong sense, which indicates non-existence of efficient algorithms. Thus, this work proposes a heuristic search algorithm by extending simulated annealing with neighbor selection guidelines using domain specific information. In addition, a regression based mechanism to predict algorithm run-time behavior is proposed, which in turn is used for quality estimation of a solution and derivation of an efficient termination criterion. Furthermore, this dissertation presents an approach, which is able to run the proposed algorithms in a completely online fashion. Hereby, the main challenge is to integrate the heuristic into the execution of real-time tasks, which is solved by mapping iterations of the algorithm to hyper periods of the task execution. In doing so, a system becomes self-adaptive to dynamic changes. More importantly, it can be shown that the run-time overhead of this approach is provably low.

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