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Welcome Address of the Vice‐Chancellor of Rhodes University, Dr. Saleem Badat, to First‐Year Students

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  • L Education (General)
  • Communication


Our first purpose is to produce knowledge, so that we can better understand our natural and social worlds and also enrich our scientific and cultural heritage. The second purpose of a university is to disseminate knowledge and to develop critical and creative minds. Our goals, yours and ours, must be for you to think imaginatively, ‘effectively and critically;’ to ‘achieve depth in some field of knowledge;’ to appreciate how we ‘gain knowledge and understanding of the universe, of society, and of ourselves;’ to have ‘a broad knowledge of other cultures and other times;’ to critique ideas and views and construct alternatives, and to communicate cogently, orally and in writing. Our final purpose as a university is to undertake community engagement, whether this is as part of academic courses or your voluntary participation in community projects organized by our Community Engagement Office.

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