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Så tyckte jag det var... en retrospektiv studie av åtta ungdomars upplevelser av att vara på Staple behandlingshem

Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan
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The aim of this university paper was to understand how eight former clients at Staple reformatory had experienced their stay there. The clients at Staple are young people between 13-20 years old, both boys and girls. The basic questions were: What picture do the clients have of the treatment they received? What has been, from their perspective, the most important during their stay? Do the clients think the time spent at Staple has helped them? And how do they describe their change, if there was any? We gathered the information from the youngsters with qualitative interviews based on a manual divided into covering different themes We found that the time at Staple had been very positive for all the former clients that we interviewed. They described the relations with the staff at Staple as central for their rehabilitation. The most important task for the people that work there is to set a good example for the client, and to be role models. All our informants believed that the environment at Staple has helped them to develop a healthy new social behaviour and from their point of view a stronger, happier and more humble personality.

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